12 Beautiful Hiking Trails Around KL For Everyone To Conquer

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You wouldn’t normally associate KL with mountains, waterfalls and beautiful sunrises, but that is exactly what it has to offer! It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice hiker with little to no experience or an enthusiast looking for a bigger challenge; the best way to experience KL’s nature is via hiking and there’s always a trail for you.

Check out this list of 12 beautiful hiking trails in KL for a great workout and a beautiful way to spend your day outdoors.

1. Gasing Hill – Bukit Gasing Forest Park, Petaling Jaya

This hill is conveniently located just 15 minutes off Federal Highway and perfect for anyone who wants to experience what hiking is all about as it offers multiple routes. This trail is popular amongst residents in the neighbourhood and is constantly busy with people so you need not worry about getting lost as there’s always someone you can ask for help

There are a multitude of options from an easy 20 mins hike towards a watch tower which can continue on to a suspension bridge or a slightly longer hike to the lookout point at the Telekom Towers. Or, you could challenge yourself to a hike up a steep flight of steps aptly named the “Killer Stretch”.

Height: 160m
GPS Coordinates: 3.095232, 101.656228
Fees: NIL
Difficulty: Easy
Approximate hike time: 1 to 2.5 hours 

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