Genes Stopping Pharmacological Psychiatric Treatments Found

10 de noviembre de 2017, 16:13Canberra, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) Genes linked to eschizophrenia are influential in te response of bipolar patients to pharmacological treatments with Lythium, said an investigation carried out by experts interviewed by specialized magazine Jama Psychiatry Friday.

The experts analyzed the genes of more than 2,500 patients and the main author of the research, Doctor Bernhard Baune, the work showed that bipolar patients with a high genetic load associated to eschizophrenia have less possibilities to respond to medications for stablization of humor.

Doctor Baune said new genes inside the immunologic system that may have a biological role on the application of a treatment with Lythium and its effects in the responses.

The scientist thought that this discovery joined to other clinical variables and scoreboards will help to predict the responses to the treatments before any kind of intervention.

The lithium is used from 1950 to treat the bipolar disorders because of its properties against the depressive and maniac episodes, and its reduction of the risk of suicide.

Nevertheless, the publication of Jama Psychiatry demonstrated that 30 percent of the patients with this mental problem partially respond to the treatment with the metal.

Also, Lythium is not effective completely in 25 percent and produces side effects, according to the above mentioned source.


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