8 Things You Should Know When Looking for a Reiki Teacher

The number of Reiki training centers, teachers and institutions has grown over time. Due to this, interested students are finding it difficult to choose the right institution or teacher to get the Reiki attunements, which are needed to learn and practice the art efficiently. It’s also not easy to find Reiki masters and institutions that are able to take in new students and teach them from a very basic level. It’s vital that any new student finds the right master. They need to find someone who has the exact energy to give them what they expect and need from Reiki.

If you want to enroll in a Reiki institution and are looking for a good Reiki teacher, the following points will help you in the process:

1. Reiki Expertise

It’s crucial that your teacher has a long history of working with Reiki and knows a lot more than the methods included in any book. His own training needs to be precise and relevant. The master must spend a good amount of time teaching the art and should be using it personally as well.

2. Qualifications

A few schools will require certain qualifications before the student starts on with the course and is taught the basics of the craft. However, for Usui Reiki, mostly there’s no need for any qualification. To learn more advanced Reiki techniques, such as Karuna Reiki, you need to be a certified Reiki master.

3. Lineage

Reiki is of different types and each one of them is based on certain techniques and methods. If you are interested in learning Usui Reiki for example, it’s extremely important that you learn it from a highly experience Reiki Master. In order to determine what type of Reiki your master would be able to teach you, learn about his lineage.

4. Practical Application

You need to ask your Reiki teacher about what all you will be able to do once the training is complete. Everything must be crystal clear right from the start and you should know from the beginning if the lessons learnt would take you to an advanced level of Reiki practicing or help you in your personal use.

5. Course Details

Once you have decided to enroll in a Reiki institution, you need to know the content of course beforehand. Also, find out how many hours would be required for the class and how the time would be divided between the theoretical study and hands on practice.

6. Certification and Fees

It’s important to know what’s the amount that you need to pay for the training and if you would be getting a usable manual and certification once you are done with the course.

7. Taking Down Notes

There are a few Reiki teachers who do not allow the use of recorders or notes in class. This has been practiced from the time when Reiki and the symbols associated with it were regarded to be sacred. That’s why students are supposed to memorize the lessons instead taking down notes.

8. Symbols

The most important and critical elements in Reiki are the symbols used with it. Ask your Reiki teacher directly about the exact number of symbols you will be learning throughout the course.

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