7 Killer Foods That Boost Your Libido-According to Science

Foods That Boost Your Libido-According to Science, We all have a mental list of things that turn us on. As a registered dietitian, I find food pretty exciting and, well, downright sexy. I adore grocery shopping, the foreplay of meal prep, and the seduction of a meal. Food to me is absolute pleasure. That said, there are specific foods that are scientifically proven to actually boost your libido—even if you’re not as into eating as I am! Whether you’re with a partner or just want to get more turned on by yourself, reach for these and feel your sexy levels get turned up:

7 Killer Foods That Boost Your Libido-According to Science

1. Figs.

Figs have two powerful properties that can help give you the sweetness you need in the bedroom. These fleshy and soft fruits contain magnesium, which helps produce sex hormones that stimulate your libido and an amino acid that helps your blood vessels relax. This increases the blood flow to, well, all your body parts. Figs themselves make for a sensual foreplay nosh. Drizzle them with honey, and you’re off to a good start.

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