11 Benefit of African Leaves for health

Benefit of African Leaves for health – On this occasion we will discuss about the benefits and efficacy of leaves Africa for health. Leaves Africa has the scientific name (Vernonia amygdalina). South African plant can grow up to live with an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. African plant has a bitter taste, but if you already know the benefits of
African leaf? turns the leaves can cope with various illnesses from moderate to severe. Such as cholesterol, malaria, and others.

11 Benefit of African Leaves for health

Leaves Africa has active substances that are good for the body. Such as: antioxidants, phenolic acids, anti inflammatory, fatty acids, essential acids, vitamins, and others. Which leaves the content in Africa, so that the plant is often referred to as herbal. For more details, you can read below, the following are the benefits and how to process the leaves Africa.

The leaves Africa for health benefits

1. Can Prevent various cancers

Africa leaves can also prevent various types of cancer. It was thanks to the antioxidant content in leaves Africa, serves to ward off the attack of free radicals, which can enter the human body, which can be through various means, such as from food substances, unhealthy lifestyle, and pollutants. Cancer cells are grown can not be detected easily, because the initial symptoms are painless. to prevent cancer, you can use the leaves of this African. how to make: take a leaf to taste African and washed, then boiled three cups of water until the remaining one cup.

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